Comic is coming soon. We promise. 

I busted up into Davidlee’s ranch abode with a fury of a mother making sure her son isn’t playing Minecraft when he should be cleaning his room. Davidlee had, in fact, cleaned his room. He was also in the middle of finally working on the next upcoming comic we were supposed to release damn near a month ago. He also has another script for one written up, and it’s stupid. Stupid in a good Cody and David way.

I was proud of him. Happy with him. I was delighted. I went out and bought him a taco and on his couch we sat, watching stupid shit on YouTube as he drew the comic and randomly spoke about his love for Persona 5.

Proof that the comic is being made, and guarded by the one, and only, Bailey. Six pounds of fury. 

Davidlee’s weird ass has been busy with work. Really busy. He spent the majority of my visit with a pack of ice on his shoulder. His right arm never gets a rest. Constant knifework when he is at work. Constant drawing when he is at home. It’s the arm he uses to pick his coffee up. It’s probably also the arm he masturbates with, but I didn’t confirm it. I’m pretty sure it is, though.

He even showed me progress of the show. Animation is coming along nicely, but he isn’t happy with the current voice overs. “We are gonna be doing them over,” he said, massaging his right-shoulder. “They are good, but not as good as they should be.”

There is a constant tiredness behind his eyes these days, maybe because he always sleeps on his fucking couch, because, I mean, fuck the king size bed of awesome comfort. No one needs that shit. Take that shit outside and burn it. Burn it to the fucking ground and then turn its ashes into chocolate milk.

“I want a cactus,” he randomly told me.

I’m gonna buy that bitch a cactus.

We did go into detail on when he expects the episodes to start rolling out. He sighed. It was a heavy question, and one that he obviously dwells on a lot. The pilot episode should have already been released. Originally it was going to be dropped back in December, but shit went all kinda of wrong – mainly the death of his laptop.

“July. Maybe in August, but August at the latest. I have to go to Kentucky for business in June, so definitely not that month.” Back into the couch he leaned, sighing and rubbing his forehead. His eyes shut. “The estimated launch dates were to try and start a fire under my ass, but, no matter how much it burns, I can only work so fast. No more date estimates. Fuck those. I am tired of saying this and then it not happen. When it is ready, it is ready. They will get released.”

Juggling personal life, work, and this passion of his does often time cause Davidlee to wish he had more hours in a day. I can understand, and I sympathize with him – which is why in this post I am not being as brutal as I normally am.

IMG_0607.JPG Another peek at the upcoming comic.

I want to collect some of the random drawings Davidlee has scattered about, and maybe nudge him to color and do fancy stuff to them for promotional work. It is something I will have to attempt to accomplish some other day – or week – as he has plenty on his plate at the moment. So for now, I shall leave him and his doggies be. He has tomorrow off. It supposed to rain. All he has planned for tomorrow is to listen to the rain hit his tin-roof, pile up on the couch with the doggies, and relax.

I guess the asshole deserves it.

I’m gonna go buy him that damn cactus.

Thanks for reading and shit. I love you guys.

~Roscoe Duggan

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