It was a dark, cold-or-warm, rainy night in Richmond, VA. Davidlee was at Lil Man’s house – a character from the show that is also a real person – and he was alone and bored. He sat down at the little table-like-thing in the kitchen and broke out his drawing pad and began scribbling. Five beers later, he ended up with a comic. A comic based on a drunken interaction between him and Cody. Cody really wanted to be the newly-single Davidlee’s wing man. In a strange twist of things, the comic is actually a more tame version as to what really went down.

That’s a story for another day, though.

But here it is, straight from the dark pits that is Davidlee’s portfolio, “Wing Man”. The first Cody and David comic strip to ever be made, and the first one being released to the public.

Comic 1_0000_Comic #1 - p1.jpgComic 1_0001_Comic #1 - p2.jpgComic 1_0002_Comic #1 - p3.jpgComic 1_0003_Comic #1 - p4.jpgComic 1_0004_Comic #1 - p5.jpgComic 1_0005_Comic #1 - p6.jpgComic 1_0006_Comic #1 - p7.jpg

Sadly, the archives have no more stupid comics for me to post here, but once Cody and Davidlee get to the final edits of the pilot episode we can chain them to a chair and force them to churn out some more, poorly drawn, ‘fuck’ filled, and wonderfully obscene comics.

NOTE: Davidlee has confirmed that it was not a sand paper dildo. Just a regular one.

-Roscoe Duggan


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    1. Yes, it definitely has. Still looks like a five-year old drew it, but that is the Cody and David style. Starting from this comic and going forward you can see a lot changes. Title images that aren’t just cropped comic images, etc..


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